Our mission is to provide peace of mind along with potentially-free home care services without delays and hassles.


What We Do

We focus on helping Veterans and Surviving Spouses tap into free funds for home care services through a VA Benefit that first started in the 1950s. We work hard to make it easy for you. It starts with an initial phone call. During this call, we walk through the Military Benefits qualification and explain how the program works. For those who are overqualified financially, we also offer a special Military discount for home care services. If you decide to move forward, we arrange an on-site visit where we match you with a potential Caregiver. You then decide if you would like to start services.

No Long-Term Contract

We do not make you sign a long-term contract to start care. Needs change. Situations change. We know that and we work hard to keep you informed and to adapt as needed.

Be careful of signing a long-term contract for care before seeing how the services will work for your family.

Regarding the VA Benefit, we can see if if you qualify based on a phone call. And, we offer a Military Discount for serving our country!

We provide care one client at a time and sincerely appreciate you taking time to read our story. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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Steve Lee

CEO and Founder / CARES Dementia Specialist, CDS

Steve is our CEO and Founder and has been involved within the medical industry since 1994. 

How many more Veterans and Surviving Spouses could use our help?

In the late 1980’s, I was a young man that had just gotten my driver’s license. And I made weekly trips to visit my 80-something year old great grandmother, Tennie Frass.  My mom’s ‘grandma’ lived in Oklahoma City about five miles from our home.  She needed help with the little things, but over time the need became greater.

Ninny, as we kids called her, lived alone, widowed since 1965; and my mother made sure I made my weekly visits to look after her.  I enjoyed spending time with her, going to the grocery store, helping her cook, mowing her lawn, and watching time go by. Even to this day, I still recall that she made the best Indian fried bread around!  I have such wonderful memories of those days.

However, in the summer of 1988, we noticed Ninny would be confined to her Lazy-Boy chair or even propped up against a wall when we arrived.  She had previously made her way to the back yard to watch me mow… not anymore.  We also noticed her home frequently had offensive urinary odors.  We came to realize that Ninny was unable to walk and would crawl from room-to-room with no assistance at all.  She would even go to the restroom, sometimes crawling in the dark, trying to prevent a urinary accident.

Nearly 35 years later, I still get choked up and become emotional just imagining how she must have felt.  Why?  Because of what I know now… a VA benefit called the Aid & Attendance could have provided up to 20 hours of FREE HOME CARE per week, which she desperately needed.

George Frass, her late husband, served in WWII; so she died as a veteran’s widow but never collected funds from the VA which would have aided her in staying at home for a longer period of time.  It saddens me, literally breaks my heart, to know she suffered due to the lack of awareness of this program.  I told myself that never again should this happen to anyone that still was functional mentally, and just needed some help in order to remain at the home they loved and were still able to enjoy.

Ninny did not want to go to a nursing home; but we finally were forced to institute this move where she passed away in 2001.  To this day, I struggle knowing this information; and I all can do is ask myself” How many more Ninny’s could I help?”  I am confident that if Ninny were alive today, she would want me to help others like her if possible… hence our company,, was founded.

In closing, I made an oath to myself when we started our company in April of 2013… I will search and attempt to find every Ninny that needs help, because I refuse to stay silent about knowing the amazing benefit called the Aid & Attendance.  We can use these funds to keep our deserving veterans and their surviving spouses, just like my Ninny, at the home they invested in and enjoyed for so many years.

Our History is a Division of Curantis Health at Home LLC. The company was founded by two great friends, Steve Lee and Brett Langford in April 2013. They searched for weeks trying to find the perfect business name that they felt best represented the core of who they are and reflects the company’s vision. Thus, because ‘Curantis’ means of the caring one (in Latin), their business name was born.